Karen Giles-Smith, M.S., R.D., The Wellness Writer®
Freelance Writer and Registered Dietitian

Welcome to The Wellness Writer® website. I’m Karen, a freelance writer and registered dietitian.

Although I enjoy writing about nearly everything, I specialize in food, nutrition, health and wellness writing.

My freelance services include writing for magazines and copywriting for businesses.

You’ve come to the right place if you need:

  • Magazine articles that are a “great read”
  • Copy that’s expertly researched, snappy and informative
  • The job done by or before deadline

Make yourself comfortable and check out my published articles, reviews/testimonials and blog. I look forward to hearing from you!


Are you up to life’s wellness challenge? Get the helpful advice and tips you need from The Wellness Writer blog. Adults in the U.S. say the biggest challenges to achieving a healthy lifestyle are:*

Getting enough exercise (38%)–Find solutions in the Physical Activity category of The Wellness Writer blog.

Getting enough sleep (34%)–Find solutions in the Sleep category of The Wellness Writer blog.

ating a well-balanced diet (25%)–Find solutions in the Nutrition category of The Wellness Writer blog.

*Source: KRC Research survey June/July 2008 for Amway Global

Nutrition Counseling
I also provide nutrition counseling services in East Lansing, Michigan. For more information, visit AtEaseWithEating.com



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